Summer Hack For The Midi & Maxi

Do you ever feel like some of your dresses and skirts are seriously dragging or fraying at the bottom? For anyone under like 5’5 (like me stacking in at 5’2.5 – and yes the half inch matters!!) maxi dresses can be a little bit of a struggle when it comes to length. I almost always had my mother be my personal seamstress because I do not have the patience when it comes to hemming a dress! I always hated feeling like I would trip over one of my favorite dresses. 

Thankfully, I discovered a fun little hack to lift up the bottom of my maxi/midi dresses to add some function + style to a dress! I do this by tying a knot at the bottom of my dresses (I normally go for the dead center, but you can always try an off to the side look as well!) This brings a unique style to a skirt or dress and prevents any tripping, if you’re clumsy like me! 

 Pro Tip: Make sure to untie the knot before washing, so it doesn’t get all wrinkly in that area.

This yellow dress from Free People is a must have this summer! It almost gives a set feel without it being two separate pieces. I love when a good pastel isn’t see through as well. It comes in five colors, I’m wearing Pineapple Balm, which is basically sunshine in dress form!


I paired it with my favorite Steve Madden wedges, which is another hack I use to show off my shoes in any midi/maxi look! I normally prefer wedges or platforms, rather than a classic stiletto heel, for more comfort! I’m normally a standard size seven and am wearing the blush color wedge! I love that you can play up any platform or wedge as dressy or casual. It’s a great transition from work to a night out! As the shoe of the season, I’ve added a lot of platforms to my closet as well, see my favorites below.



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