Giving Back with Diff Eyewear

A little fun trivia for you: I LOVE discovering brands that give back to their community. Every since discovering Headbands for Hope and Love Your Melon in college, I sought out brands that have philanthropic purposes. I was even a Brand Ambassador for Headbands of Hope, donated headbands to hospitals,  and have loved their flirty and fun accessories to this day. 

Promo Alert: Use code: Andrea20, for 20% off at check out!

But anyway, since discovering Diff Eyewear: I’ve been completely obsessed with the quality, style, and their constant effort to giving back to the community. So, how do they give back exactly?! For every pair of DIFF glasses sold, someone in need has the opportunity to get eye exams, glasses, medicine, surgery, and more! You’re basically giving someone the opportunity to improve their sight! 

With their recent collaborations like Khloe Kardashian, Jonathan Van Ness, Becca Kufrin, and more, it’s safe to say the versatility in their styles is endless. They obviously have DIFF exclusive styles that are amazing as well. When you get your pair, it even comes with a protector box and cleaning wipe to keep your sunnies in the best condition possible. I’m notorious for loosing sunglasses, so having extra storage is a big plus to keeping track of a pair! They have recently added prescription glasses into the mix as well. 

However for me, comfort is everything, and DIFF passes the test. I love how they don’t squish your head!!


Happy Shopping! 


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