Ocean City Recap

I’ve been going to Ocean City Maryland since I was a kid. There is always such an excitement about that place, because it is its own little niche community! I remember going when I was younger and riding the roller coaster, to my senior year of high school of spending a very wild and rebellious time with my best friends, and of course had great excitement going back there with my husband and his family.

some of my must go places are:

Seacrets | 49th St

Ahh, the famous: Seacrets. Day or night, this place is wild. We went around 2PM on a Tuesday, and I couldn’t help but ask for refills on the electric lemonade. It’s such a fun way to have a drink on the beach, and have some good scenery while doing so. At night time, it’s basically a tropical beach club. There are all kinds of events, DJ’s, and more, that you could really go from day to night at this place and have a complete blast!

Pro Tip: do NOT wear heels or your fancy shoes there! Because its all sandy, I’d stick to the cute sandals and call it a night.

Marina Deck | Bay Side

Whether you’re doing all you can eat, or practicing self control: the crab legs at Marina Deck are everything. I normally don’t like to work for my food, but picking crabs is so fun! I grew up picking crabs at the beach, so not only is it sentimental, but I’m basically a pro at it! It is such a fun social thing to do when your whole table is having them! I’m a big apps girl (seriously can’t believe pre-gaming food is a thing, but I’m here for it!) The crap dip baked in a pretzel roll is to die for. Basically anything you get there is incredible! There is also an amazing view there, but that’s a safe bet anywhere at the beach.

Bull on the Beach | 94th St

If seafood is a hard pass for you, I’d say make your way to Bull on The Beach for some serious BBQ! I had a ribs and shrimp special and it did not disappoint. Bring your appetite kids, this is not the place for small tapas sized meals.

Fracture Prune

Oh my goodness, these donuts are worth the calories. Fractured Prune has many locations in OCMD and beyond, but they are a must have to eat for breakfast one day before hitting the beach. My favorite is either Orange Cream or Chocolate Covered Cherry. (yum!) They are pretty small, so don’t feel bad about eating two, you’re on vacation!

Purple Moose | Boardwalk

This vacation was my first time at Purple Moose Saloon! It is right on the boardwalk and glowing with purple blue lights, so you cant miss it. It is basically like a live music saloon bar with live music, funny bar staff, and drinks in a souvenir cup. They even partner with a few other bars, so if you get the cup, you get a discount on drinks!

South Moon Under

South Moon Under is one of my favorite boutiques at the beach! They have many different locations, but my favorite one is the one near 81st st. They are one of those boutiques that carry a bunch of different brands, so sizing can be a little inconsistent, which is why they are one of the few stores that I shop in-person at!

See my leopard dress I bought below and some of my other favorites!

I got a medium for a little more length so I can wear it to work!


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