The Unwanted Accessory of Anxiety

Dear, Anxiety,

You’re a real b*tch.

Anxiety is like a bad breakup: you eat (or don’t eat), you stay up all night with you mind going a million miles per hour, and you can’t help but ask “WHY?”. If you’re anything like me, it seems like everything happens at once and it can easily be truly drowning. Lets be real, I have slowly seen anxiety creep into my life. For starters, I HATE being late to things, my closet HAS to be seasonally organized, in color and sleeve length order, and don’t even get me started on not getting a full night of sleep. However, what really is consuming is the anxiety of not being liked/good enough. Recently, I’ve been trying to do everything in my power to not let it eat at the hours in my day, to which I’ll do a shameless plug for my corgi puppy Luna (we really do not deserve dogs). But I’d like to remind myself more, and if you’re reading this, there is NO ONE like you and not a single person can take that away from you. I’m working on closing in on my circle of people who ignite positivity, love, and laughter into my life – and I encourage you to do the same!

However my dear friends, know you’re not alone!  Below are some things I do to help calm down, get myself in check, and remind myself of my undeniable worth.

-One –

Listen to a podcast.

Sometimes you need to put the Ariana Grande playlist on hold, and listen to things that interest you or make you laugh. They can be such a change of pace from your normal playlists! My fiercely adventurous gal pal and her friends started one called “Boundary Issues” that discusses dating life, check them out!

  Some of my other favorites are:

  • Getting Curious | Weekly exploration of things that Jonathan Van Ness is curious about
  • Betch Slapped | From pop culture, news and politics, to wellness, dating & true crime
  • Bachelor Party | For all things Bachelor and Bachelorette related.
What’s your favorite podcast?! Tell me in the comments below!


Treat yo’ self.

 As if I needed another reason to shop: Here. It. Is.

I love to show at some of my favorite “splurge” places like Revolve or Free People to really get me excited about a hot new item. I love finding something I normally wouldn’t get and just telling my inner goddess: you need this!

While I enjoy doing the occasional spa day, there is also a lot of fun in bringing the spa to your home! Grab your favorite facials, throw on the Netflix, pour some wine, and relax! With every bath, I like to throw in some lavender oil and epsilon salts. See some of my favorite at home spa treatments below.  

Lush Bath Bombs are seriously, my favorite! I don’t even have a favorite because every time I go, I pick a new one I haven’t tried yet. I always love the seasons ones (because they are limited edition, duh) or ones with lavender for a relaxing bath before bed.

Recently, I had a childhood friend who is a makeup artist, tell me the value of sheet masks. Apparently, they are great for hydration, because the cloth material literally just lays on your face. They also are a quick clean up, rather than rubbing off blues and bright pinks onto your bath towels. I always overlooked the $5 ones at Sepohra or Ulta, but no more! Do NOT sleep on those cheap, but amazingly effective, sheet masks!



Now I am no gym rat, I workout three to four times a week and eat everything in moderation. (I literally have no self-control). But booking a new fitness class, going to my bi-weekly yoga, and throwing in some good mediation in person or through apps is a super simple and healthy way to feel amazing.

Calm & Simple Habit – are two of my favorite Meditation apps that work wonders.

Since I commute into the city, I normally listen to a podcast once a week, and use my meditation apps for the “Monday Blues”, it’s so important to do the little things to mentally prepare you for the day as you hustle to get into full Boss Babe mode.

Also, I’m super lucky because my office does yoga and meditation, so that has inspired it to transition into part of my routine. However, I’ve been getting into finding my daily yoga studio for some more consistency in my fitness routine.


Plan a Trip.

There are very few things that ignite my soul like a good reunion. After moving from Lancaster to Boston, a lot of my girl gang was/is in Pennsylvania. Because of this, I’ve tried really hard to see them every few months and let me tell you: it is life changing. It doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive, but planning a trip to see loves ones really calms me down and reminds me of the people that make me feel the most myself.   


Write. It. Down.

 When I was in high school, one of my sweetest best friends and I had a journal. We would pass it back and fourth in between classes with notes of encouragement, appreciation, something some stupid boy did, making plans for the weekend, how we were feeling that day, and was filled with perfectly executed doodles and bubble letters. Thank god for texting, FaceTime, and Instagram today, but I really do miss writing things down. It gives a sense of realization to how your feeling or what is going on around you, which at some times can really help stress and anxiety.

Being the nocturnal being that I am, I’d say my Notes app on my phone is in my top five most used. Whenever I can’t sleep and feel anxiety creeping into my pores, I’ll write down little poems/sentences, goals, or that random thought/question that no one really has the answer to. So, rather than tossing and turning and questioning why I cant fall the f*ck to sleep, I put my last little bit of energy into something create and productive to calm down and eventually fall asleep.  

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