Girls Trip: Miami Edition

There is nothing better than drama-free, laugh till you cry memories of a great girls trip!

My good friend, Kait, got our girl gang together to spend four days in Miami. While sadly the weather was a little disappointing (and by that I mean it wasn’t 85 and sunny all day, every day), we definitely made the most of it!

Day 1: Arrival & Late Night Tacos

We stayed at the Conrad Miami, which is a luxury hotel in Brickell. It is honestly the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. We stayed there rather than south beach because we got a bigger space and a roof top pool area for a better price. It also isn’t too far from south beach, making Uber’s still budget-friendly. Our stay was actually through Airbnb in one of their condos. With incredible views, great staff, and an amazing pool space – it was an amazing place to stay for five women! After getting settled, popping a bottle (or two), and all dressing in pink for the night we went to dinner.

Coyo Taco – has some of the BEST tacos I’ve ever eaten. It is a cute little taco shop in Brickell that serves blood orange margaritas and various beers as well! I split three different taco types with my friend, Amanda! We had: cochinita pibil, al pastor, and the pescado tacos. I’d say my favorite was the al pastor, but all three were incredible! It is also a chain, with a few locations in Miami, making it easily accessible and a must-try when there. We then headed to a bar before heading to one of Miami’s famous night clubs.

Astra – is a cute, pink rooftop bar in Miami. It matched our pink theme of the night but sadly wasn’t the best experience due to the windy, cold evening. The bar in general had a great ambiance and the decorations were tasteful. I think if it would’ve been warmer out it would’ve been a better experience, because the aesthetics of everything was beautiful! I liked that they did have lots of places to sit though so you didn’t have to stand the whole time, but other than that I wouldn’t go out of your way to go here in Miami if it’s not a warm summer night.

Liv – is a famous club in South Beach. If you’re not into clubbing, with loud music, and crowds – this might be a skip for you! However, the club itself is really pretty. We had table service from the upstairs and it was nice having our own space. The staff was friendly and we had a great view of the DJ- making it a little more ideal than being squished and bumped by people. If you have a big enough group to splurge on getting a tabled, I would definitely do so, because a vodka soda there is $20. This was definitely a fun way to kick off our girls trip!

Day Two: Pool Side & Pasta

The next morning, we stopped at Stefano Versace Bistro for breakfast outside. It’s this little coffee shop was right next to our hotel, that has great breakfast, gelato, and more! Recommendation: get the raspberry smoothie, because duh.

Then it was off to the pool, where we enjoyed some sunshine and the best mojitos I’ve ever had! (They also make a raspberry one if you’re feeling extra crazy). We even ended up staying there till lunch and ordered salads from the restaurant in the hotel. We then went back and walked around the Brickell area and the mall to get some shopping done. I (surprisingly) didn’t buy anything, but they have some fun stores to check out. I’d say for more boutique stores, or local brands – head to the South Beach area!

That night we went to dinner at one of the most divine Italian places I’ve ever been to! Sapore Di Mare in Coconut Grove is famous for their pasta twirled in a giant cheese wheel. Heaven, I know. It is worth the wait, but know that the bigger your party is (we had five total) the longer you’ll wait. We had two appetizers: friend calamari + a burrata and prosciutto combo. They get everything imported from Italy, so you know it’s high quality! The Cacio e Pepe is the cheese wheel dish and you can even add truffles to make it extra fancy. I’d say it is a must go, but try to plan accordingly so you don’t have to wait extra long.

We then moved on to a tiki bar called: Esotico in Wynwood for some neon sign vibes and giant pineapple drinks! This definitely has the potential to meet everyone’s needs. Whether it’s the classic Mai Tai or in the mood for something with some spice, they offer a lot of unique drinks that might spark interest for the daring.

Rockwell Miami – is another popular club for some late night fun, located in South Beach. This club is definitely smaller than LIV though and the table we were at was really crowded at the beginning of the night. One really unfortunate thing about this place is the fact that they don’t have more than 3 bathrooms, which as you know ladies: we hate to see it. Be prepared to wait a bit. However, the energy was unreal. We were able to get a table right next to the main performer: Ot Genasis and it almost felt like a personal concert, because we were actually in the same VIP booth as him! (Shout out to our lovely friend Gen with the connection to make this happen!)

Day Three: Brunch & More Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch?! You get to sleep in, eat all different kinds of food, and can have rounds of Bloody Mary’s without judgement. There was bottomless mimosas, which meant we were there for hours (I’m not mad about it, I wanted to move in) Disclaimer: this experience is $63 a person. However, I can’t express to you all how important it is to go to this spot, because it will forever change how you see and experience the beauty that is brunch. If you get anything from this, know that this is a MUST GO in Miami.

The breakfast buffet basically had anything and everything you could possibly think of. That included: Caesar salad, pasta salad, spaghetti, eggs, bacon, sausage, meatballs, sushi, truffle Mac and cheese, Nutella French toast, mini chicken and waffles, Oreo cheesecake, bagels, yogurt, granola, fruit salad, s’mores bars, cookies, Reese peanut butter cupcakes. Get the point? I could keep going on, but you get the point it’s honestly anything you can think of.

In addition to the buffet you’re $63 includes one main dish off the menu. The server recommended the almond fish in a lemon cream sauce, which after one person ordered it, we all jumped on the band wagon. So basically for $63 you get unlimited drinks that you can change up at any time, every single type of food/desserts you can think of, and a main dish – it really is so worth it and we are here to TREAT. YO. SELF!

Rating: 100/10 *and no, that isn’t a type-o

Orange Blossom is in South Beach and we decided to pop over here for a bit! We ended up getting to take advantage of their happy hour and they made us these drinks with fresh fruit crushed up in it. It was so tasty! The bar was pretty dead for a Sunday at 5, but that’s okay because it was nice to relax and talk without loud music overpowering. It was more the vibe we were going for anyway. The place had such cute interior, but not something I would go out of my way for in Miami. I think it was a great place to stop by, but not a must-go for this trip.

For the rest of the night, we went to this really fun place called: The Dirty Rabbit in Wynwood. This is an outdoor drinking club with fun night life vibes and great drinks! We seriously went on a Sunday at like 6:30 and the place was BUMPIN. The place is covered with cute little bunny art all over the place. We all really loved the vibe and were able to get a booth area pretty easily. In true Miami fashion: the drinks are pricey, like $15 for a vodka soda. However, we definitely had the “who cares, we are on vacation!” motto and just enjoyed. Overall we ended up having a lot of fun here and I think whether you’re looking for a spot to drink midday or go late at night: it’s a great place to enjoy in Miami!

I’d encourage anyone (both men and women) to take trips with their friends away from their families and partners. It is always so nice to just be with people that you don’t live with, or see day to day and it really just shows how friendships are one of life’s best blessings. I seriously haven’t laughed so hard in months and made some of the best memories from this trip. Basically: book that flight hunni & do a girls trip (at least) once a year and TREAT. YO. SELF!



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