Quarantine Pizza

It’s a strange time in the world right now friends, and to whoever pissed 2020 the heck off – needs to seriously apologize. I’ve been working from home for about eight days right now and I’m honestly in a draining fog. It’s been really, really hard to find motivation when you’re entire world of normalcy is disrupted.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I look to create. Whether that’s something artistic, create a new space in my home, cook a classic favorite, and more! We always make a pizza or past dish once a week, so when I don’t want to completely indulge, I turn to this cauliflower pizza crust for a great alternative! I do a lot of different versions of this pizza: buffalo chicken, margherita, the classic cheese….I think you get the point!

Tonight, we are doing a veggie pizza.

The thing about this Trader Joes crust is that you have to put it in by its self to let it brown up a bit. The box says to do it for 10-12 minutes on each side, but I like to do it a few mins longer to get it really crispy. While that is cooking, I normally dump some pizza sauce, tomato paste, garlic, and basic into a sauce pan and warm it up over the stove. When the crust is to my liking, I take it out and let it cool a few minutes and then spread. that. sauce. hunni!

After washing the veggies (tonight is peppers, mushrooms + onions) I cut them up in long slices and toss them in a bowl with salt, pepper, and a lil olive oil. Then, it’s time for my favorite part: CHEESE PLEASE! I like to sprinkle some mozzarella or Italian blend, even though I’m convinced they are the same thing, and top the entire thing off with either buratta or ricotta.

Cheese is literally my weakness, don’t you judge me.

After the veggies are sprinkled on and the burrata is placed – she ready to bake! Pro Tip: If your pizza has meats (like chicken) – cut and cook it separately in a pan to at least almost done. You don’t want to go putting raw chicken on a pizza because it may not cook all the way! If I’m doing buffalo chicken pizza, I’ll toss the hot sauce in the pan with the chicken prior to throwing it on a pizza.



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