Self Care During Quarantine

It’s very on brand that we have been in quarantine for over twenty days and I still question if I spelled “quarantine” right….

Self care has peaked in the buzz world word due to this global pandemic and whether you’re checking off everything on your to-do list or showering at 2PM – this is the new normal that seems to be like such a blur. For me, it’s a real coin toss. One day I’m ahead of my emails and prepped dinner and another I spend hours on TikTok and eat an entire bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Whatever day it is, whatever does (or doesn’t) get accomplished, I’ve been trying to be forgiving to myself and my husband. Here are some things I’ve done during quarantine!

Experiment with a skin care routine

Because I’m wearing a lot less makeup, I’ve been able to go through my makeup and throw away any that has expired (yes, thats a thing), wash my brushes and sponges, reorganize my makeup cart/storage, use skin care products that have gotten pushed to the back of my shelfs, do some kind of skin treatment in the morning and one at night, and more!

this is my favorite kit for cleaning brushes!
Super easy + quick dry!

Make a Book Club

My four college best friends/ sorority sisters decided to make a book club! It’s a great way to stay connected + get some time away from screens. I’ve been ordering our books from amazon (see what’s on our list below!) and they have been coming within a week of ordering.

Stay-In Date Night

About once a week, Tyler and I have been doing a fun date night. Whether its playing board games or sitting out by our bonfire making smores, we support local businesses and order food for a cozy little date night, rather than the traditional Netflix binge.

At-home Workout

After my very abrupt breakup with the gym and yoga studio (It’s not me, it’s them), I needed to think of a new routine. I’ve never been one to enjoy running outside but I’ve been slowly adding it to my workout! Here is my current daily workout:

  • 2 mile run/walk (If I walk I normally bring my dog, Luna)
  • 100 squats (various styles and with bands)
  • 100 abs (various styles for upper and lower)
  • 50 donkey kicks
  • 50 fire hydrants (each side)
  • 200 jump ropes
  • 1 minute plank
  • 50 push ups

My favorite hair ties + scrunchies are from Amazon! Look Below!

When all else fails…

Online Shop. – #oops. I’ve been looking into brands I love, discovering new ones, and cleaning out my closet to make room for the seasons biggest trends. Look below to see what’s in my cart!

Self care, for me, is waking up and checking in with my body/self and noticing how I feel. taking care of myself can be binge watching something on Netflix, going for a run, or simply going for a ride with that just right Spotify playlist. Basically, each day during quarantine has looked different and I’ve had to remind myself that that’s okay.

Stay safe and find comfort in knowing this is only temporary!


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