Windy City recap

This was our first time flying since COVID, but for some of our very best friends (Kristin & Nick) it was a must! Chicago has been on my bucket list for some time now and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some deep dish pizza!

Flying During COVID

It’s no secret our world is different right now, and flying is obviously a concern. We flew JetBlue one way and Delta on the other becuase we had credits from both lines! I had us wear the medical masks and threw out per flight (make sure to cut the strings so animals don’t choke and die on them!!!)

Some things to know:

  • You wear a mask the moment you walk into the airport, until you leave at the next
  • They board you from the back of the plane to the front (in an effort for social distancing)
  • You get hand sanitizer when baording (but bring your own for good measure!)
  • They give you prepackaged snacks and a mini water
  • II its a row of three, expect the middle to be open
  • When getting off the plane, they unload from the front to the back (again – social distancing!)

Our friends live in Downers Grove – which fun fact is the safest town in Illinois! It is such a cute little town with a lot to do.

We flew in on a Friday, and spent the night making fajitas, playing games, and catching up. It was nice to just relax and to plan the next two days with everyone. We woke up on Saturday and Nick made some pretty epic eggs and pancakes. We got changed and started our day with a local resturant in Downers Grove before hoping on “The L” (their public transportation) – Fun Fact: it is $10 to ride the train for the entire weekend!

Another Round, in a sports bar with a funny industrial vibe in Downers Grove. There were a lot of different IPA’s (both our men tried some) while Kristin and I went with some ciders. The menu looked amazing, but we decided to wait to eat in the city!

Day 1: City & Cocktails

Our first stop was (of course) the famous Bean. Due to covid, we werent able to get too close and masks were required in the area. We took a quick selfie and walked around the rest of the park area. It was off and on raining all day, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the city! We rented bikes and biked around different parts of the city thorughtout the day.

Rizzo Bar & Grill

We headed to lunch and of course found a spot with buckets of beers and white claws. I’m always in the mood for wings, so I of course pushed to get some for the table. They were so yummy and the perfect blend of spice without not being too hot. However, I got the hot chicken sliders for my main meal and was sadly unimpressed. If you go here, defiently go for the vibe (it’s near the Cubs statium) and go for drinks and apps. I wouldn’t say it was a “must go” as far as Chicago finds.

Fountainhead // Instagram: @fountainheadchi

Garden roofstop spot in North Center, a great spot for some outdoor social distancing outting. They obviosuly aren’t open when winter comes, but is a great spot if the weather is nice. It was definetly an aestetic and photo worthy! I had their sangria which had frozen fruit pieces in the ice cubes, and Tyler had an IPA he really liked called: Daisy Cutter, he gives it a 7.8/10 rating.

We ended the night with doing some of The Riverwalk! – I wish we had more time to do the whole thing! It’s such a cool way to see the gorgeous city!

Okay, now…the moment you ALL have been waiting for…..LATE NIGHT DEEP DISH! As someone who is from the Philly area, I respect the constant battle between Pat’s and Gino’s for the best cheesesteak. Here in Chicago, they have the same for deep dish between Giordano’s and Lou Malnatis. Giordano’s was going to be closed by the time we got back to their apartment, so we went with Lou Malnatis. We got one classic cheese pizza and one called “The Lou” which was spinach, mushroom, onion, and garlic bliss. OH MY GOD – it was incredible. I’ve never had deep dish before and now I basically want it on a daily basis. It definelty fills you up too. I had one of each and was very much full.

Day Two: Cheesey Potatoes & Starbucks Heaven

I mean the title says it all….

My good friend Amanda suggested this incredible brunch spot and it did not disapoint! It was a cute rustic vibe with fun art on the walls!

The Hutch

We all shared the Sweet Parker House rolls with cinnimon sugar butter for the table and they were great! Kristin and I each had their Bloody Mary’s that had a bacon rim and the boys did the mimosa deal! You get a bottle of champaigne for the table, and then pay for different juice options. (The blood orange was super yummy!) For my meal, I got the Ham and Spinach Eggs Benedict and it was incredible! With every meal, they give you a healping of cheesey potato hash and I think I can speak for everyone at our table that it was the best thing there! I would definetly recommend this spot for an amazing brunch in the city!

Starbucks Reserve

I was so excited to go here! As someone who loves Starbucks, I kept joking it was like the mothership calling me home. They have a bunch of merch and a menu exclusively for this location. I, of course, had to get the Cold Brew Float – which was basically coffee ice cream happiness!


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