20 Things to come from 2020

There is no denying this year was extrememly difficult. I rememeber flying home from a girls trip in Miami the first weekend of March, coming back to work on Monday, and having my office shut down that Thursday. I went through a lot of emotions and definitely tried to take things day by day. While I’m so thankful 2020 brought failed tie dye experiments, sweatpants during work calls, and the motivation to follow my childhood dream of owning my own online boutique, it also brought frustration, disconnection from loved ones, canceled plans, and coping with family deaths virtually.

However, even though I’m beyond ready to move frorward to better and brighter days, I’m really happy about some of the things 2020 has brought me and I hope you can reflect back and think of a few too (whether it be big or small). Here’s a few things that have come from this year:

#1. Human decency is too damn important.

6 ft, masks, respecting others boundaries, oh my! This year, it is vital to respect others for the sake of your health and others.

#2 Give yourself grace.

It’s okay to push your to-do list items until tomorrow, take a nap, go on a run, whatever you are feeling that day is valid.


Don’t be that person, please.

#4 Priorizize your mental health

While mental health has almost become such a buzz word, I think it comes in different forms depending on the person. Listen to your mind and body and do what is best for you, even beyond this pandemic.

#5 It’s okay to be alone

As an extreme extrovert, this was hard for me. But I think this is something where I have grown to be comfortable with.

#6 It’s okay to miss your old life

Selfishly, I miss bars. I miss carefree living. I miss a busy city life and so much more.

#7 Start something you’ve put on the back burner!

For me, this was and is my online boutique. I’ve had so much free time this past year I’ve been able to work on something I’ve truly dreamed of doing, all while being safe and inspired at home.

#8 Date Night Improvisions

Tyler and I love going on exciting dates, and COVID tested that. We did a lot of take out from local resturants and actually sat at our dining room table to have an intimate date.

#9 Support Small Businesses

Going off of the previous, they need your help. Skip the chain restaurants and go local, your community relies on it!

#10 Don’t take anything for granted.

Another hard pill to swallow for ya girl. I had so many travel plans edited, canceled, and taken away from me. It was a really hard reality to come to, but I worked extremely hard for bigger picture perspectives.

#11 The power of ZOOM

I think it’s safe to say Zoom and FaceTime were great ways I stayed connected with friends and family this past year and I’m so thankful for that!

#12 You’ve made your pets and plants so damn happy

My dog Luna is significantly thrilled I’ve been home this past year! The plants on the other hand have lived longer than normal and I’m shocked myself.

#13 TikTok isn’t just for the youths

I ‘ve spent too many hours on this app, but it has in fact brought some laughs and creative inspiration.

#14 Keep your routine = keep you sane

Some days I fell short of this. But even little things like making my bed and getting dressed ignited self motivation to get things done that day!

#15 Do what makes you happy, even when you are stuck inside

Self explanitory: be selfish with the things that bring you pure joy.

#16 Read a damn book

My best friends and I started a book club and it was so fun! It was a great way to get away from some screen time AND gave us an excuse to have zoom dates accompanied by wine.

#17 DO NOT feel shame in traveling (safely please)

I went to Chicago to see one of my best friends. We quarantined before and after, took covid tests, wore masks on the plane, and I felt fairly safe under the horrid conditions. It gave me something to look forward to and filled me with an overflowing amount of happiness to see people I truly cherish.

#18 Say No.

Another thing I think I’ve gotten better at! If you’re uncomfortable, tired, or simply not into it for whatever reason, you are by no means horrible for simply saying no thank you.

#19 Game Night Dates!

The amount of games of Catan we played with our other couple friends is….embarassing. We saw them off and on all during quarantine (again given everyone felt safe and well) and those Friday Night game nights gave us all a little bit of normalcy.

#20 This isn’t forever

I try to be a positive person and when this pandemic seems never ending, I keep telling myself that there is the light at the end of the tunnel. The hard work from front line workers is not wasted and there will be an end date to this pademic, some day.

I hope you find grace in this year. I hope you grew, napped, did something for yourself, laughed, and so much more. 2020 will forever be branded as horrific, but it is not the only defining thing of another year in this life. 2021 will not make it all go away, so we need to find positivity in all of this tragedy.

Happy New Year, Friends!

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