About Andrea

“finding harmony between boho and street style”

Hey girl, hey! I’m Andrea and thanks for being here!

I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA but have been living in Boston for the past four years. Despite adding the adjective : “wicked” to my vocabulary, we adore it!

I got my undergrad in Public Relations, with a Minor in Art and have a Masters in Marketing and New Media. Currently, I’m an Event Coordinator for an ad tech company and volunteer for Horizons for Homeless Children in my free time. (I thrive in chaos/being busy and will always have my planner near by to keep me on track!) I have always believed in expressing yourself through fashion, even as a kid, my mom let me wear whatever I wanted, which inevitably lead to me wearing a purple feather boa with everything becuase DRAMA HUNNI!!

Anyway, I wanted to create this space where I can cultivate diverse content, show my take on the latest trends, share the prettiest bloody mary in whatever town I’m in, and will throw a classic leather jacket over almost everything.

OH! I am also in the process of starting my own online boutique, but I’ll spare you the details for a later date!!

10 Fun Facts:

  1. I married my high school sweetheart (Tyler) and hes simply the cutest.
  2. We have a corgi named Luna, who I am unapologetically obsessed with.
  3. I am always in the mood for chicken wings. Seriously, 3AM bet me.
  4. The Harry Potter Series will forever be a classic & phenomenon
  5. One of my life goals is to go to Australia
  6. I ‘m left handed, like my mama ❤
  7. tacos > pizza (plz, don’t hate me)
  8. I have watched How I Met Your Mother over 30 times and can quote almost every scene.
  9. I have a sorority tattoo, and have a few more planned! I love the simplicity of black ink!
  10. I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland ( Nov. 2019 )